Paris, I love you.

Nous sommes à la maison! We’re home! I’ve decided that Paris is best when shared. And, the more people of your loved ones that you can share it with - the better! We went with Tess and Mac - two fantastic travel buddies. Traveling can be such a stressful experience, so it’s a special thing to find people that you are compatible to travel with. We also met up with two more friends at the very end of the trip, and we wish that we could have spent more time with them! Bonjour, Dianne and Pierce!

Tess and Mac go to Paris any chance they get and Tess is pretty much fluent in French, so everything always felt so easy. Next trip: Germany. None of us will be prepared.


I couldn’t get over the French architecture. Every building just blew me away. The terraces, the chimneys, the doors, the windows, all of it. I forgot every art history lesson that I ever learned and just soaked it all in. I went to Paris when I was 18, and I remember taking pictures of everything because I couldn’t help myself. When I left, my memory card was full of a lot of unimpressive nothings with just a few photos that i felt any sort of connection to. I made sure to do it differently this time.


Next-door to our Airbnb was the most delicious boulangerie where honeybees flew freely all over the pastries. The smell of the pastries would waft through the walls in the morning and it was just heavenly. They didn’t sell baguettes, because they made their bread in the “traditional” way - with the end result being a gorgeous, rustic loaf.

One of our very first nights, we went to Le Refuge des Fondus, where wine is served in baby bottles (supposedly a tax-evasion trick?). When wine is served in baby bottles - you have a pretty accurate read for how much wine you’re drinking…but it doesn’t feel like you’ve really had that much. SO - the rest of the night ends up being a shiny, twinkly, giggly blur with memories of glorious cheesy fondue, Sacre Coeur, baguettes, public restrooms, Irish bars and singing happy birthday to a stranger, another bar, a Photo Booth (evidenced above), walking miles upon miles upon miles, then a lot of snacking on leftover Thai food and curry. The next day was mainly a day of recovery. Edith Piaf said “non, je ne regrette rien.” Well, Edith. je regrette des choses.


I think that this will always be one of my favorite photographs that i’ve ever taken. October in Paris gave me all of the autumn feelings that i live for. Lines from Madeline, French Kiss, Amelie, Paris, je t’aime, and Julie and Julia played in my mind daily, and even when something was wrong - it was still right.


I have more photos of Parisian doors than I’ll ever know what to do with and I love them all.


In addition to the food, the great company, the beautiful sights, the sweet smells, the warm coffee, and the cool and breezy weather…it was nice to feel “unplugged”. Even with all of the walking and the going and moving and doing - it was still a relaxing vacation.

Part Deux Soon