Home Checklist


  1. Paint the knotty-pine walls in the bedroom.

  2. Replace the bedroom carpet with hardwood flooring.

  3. Paint bedroom furniture.

  4. Replace bedroom furniture hardware.

  5. Buy a kingsize bed.

  6. Organize closet and replace clothes hangers with more sturdy, more space efficient clothes hangers.

  7. Style the built-in shelves in the bedroom.


  1. Remove the backsplash and replace it with subway tile.

  2. Replace light fixtures over island bar with new fixtures.

  3. Replace light fixture over sink. I thought about keeping this one, but I just realized that we never even use it. So…probably should replace it when one we may use or remove it entirely?

  4. Replace cabinet hardware.

  5. Organize kitchen cabinets to better utilize space.

  6. Figure out what to do about the knotty-pine walls in the kitchen.


  1. Paint the brick living room fireplace?

  2. Mount TV?

  3. Organize/style bookshelves.

  4. Gallery?

  5. Replace leather couch with armchair?

  6. Pick a rug for the living room?

  7. Cover the pillows.


  1. Decide on a storage solution.

  2. Find a cozy seating solution.

  3. Get blinds.

  4. Organize closet and utilize the space efficiently.

  5. Decide on lighting.

  6. Replace the door with a french door to let light carry through to the living room.

Guest Bedroom:

  1. Get a bed.

  2. Find a bedside table/lamp.

  3. Organize the linen closet and make sure that all bedding sets are complete.

  4. Ensure that the guest bedroom functions properly for guests to have everything that they may need.

  5. Get blinds.

  6. Put outlet covers and switch covers back on.

Guest Bathroom:

  1. Paint the walls.

  2. Remove the frame from the mirror.

  3. Paint the cabinet.

  4. Stock the drawers with essentials.

  5. Shelves.

Master Bathroom:

  1. Replace the bathtub.

  2. Paint or wallpaper?

  3. Connect the master bedroom and the master bathroom?

  4. Decide on a hidden solution for James’s litter box.

  5. Organize the cabinets and drawers.


  1. Put up a privacy fence.

  2. Decide on patio furniture/storage.

  3. Decide on lighting.

  4. Build plan for garden.

Christmas/Winter Bucket List 2018


Originally, this list held things like “go Christmas shopping FOR REAL”, and “spend the evening wrapping Christmas presents by the Christmas tree”, “go ice skating”, and so much more. BUT, some things had to be omitted because of $$ and house buying and time. This is surely going to be a Christmas to remember, and it’s going to be a very creative Christmas. We don’t have much time off from work, and the time that we do have falls after Christmas - meaning that we don’t know our Christmas plans, or if there will be Christmas plans. We are working so, so hard to buy a house by the end of the year - meaning that we may be skipping out on store-bought presents this year and going a different route. We’ll also be packing and sorting and prepping for a move between the Christmas merriment and work. HOW did all of this end up happening at Christmastime? Let it be known that if my Christmas is a little miniature this year…next year is going to be %$@#*%$ jolly as hell. So, watch out because I am coming for you, Christmas 2019.


  • Take a drive to look at Christmas lights.

  • Dress up and have a date night downtown.


  • Bake gingerbread cookies.

  • Bake treats for work.

  • Make homemade hot chocolate.

  • Bake at least three kinds of Christmas cookies.

  • Make mom’s beef stew.

  • Make Trey’s cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

  • Make Trey's orange cake for Christmas.


  • Elf

  • The Santa Claus

  • The Grinch

  • The Nutcracker

  • White Christmas

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  • It’s a Wonderful Life

  • Christmas with the Kranks

  • You’ve Got Mail

  • The Polar Express

  • Sleepless in Seattle

  • When Harry Met Sally

  • The Holiday

  • A Christmas Story

  • Home Alone

  • Love Actually

  • The Family Stone

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Christmas Vacation

  • Harry Potter (any that give major Christmas feels)

  • Christmas episodes of The Office

  • Christmas classic cartoons


  • Make pomanders with Abbey.

  • Make Christmas cards.

  • Send Christmas cards.

  • Paint nails Christmas Red.

  • Dry out oranges for the Christmas tree.

  • Hang mistletoe and kiss under it.

  • Celebrate our third anniversary.

  • Bake pizzelles with Trey’s grandmother.

  • Buy an ornament to represent the year.

  • Buy a new Christmas children’s book.

  • Curl up by a fireplace.

  • Buy a house.

Autumn 2018 Bucket List


All aboard the Autumn Express! Toot toot. This is my first pumpkin of the season. For the last several years, I’ve purchased the first pumpkin that I laid eyes on, and this year is no different. He’s a beaut. Here’s my 2018 Fall Bucket List, and she’s a beaut, too. Feel free to make this list your own, changing bits up however you wish. This will surely be a jam-packed autumn if I can manage to make all of this happen. I wasn't able to knock everything off of last year's list, and was pretty ambitious when I made it. I think I'm even more ambitious this year - BUT, I love a good challenge. I just want to squeeze every bit of cinnamon and clove-scented joy out of this season, and this list will ensure that I do just that.

Follow along with me and let's get cozy.


  • Visit a pumpkin patch.

  • Visit an apple orchard.

  • Go to an Alabama football game.

  • Go for a drive to see the leaves.

  • Go on a hike and spend the entire day outdoors.

  • Spend an off day in Birmingham - exploring and eating/doing all the things.

  • Take Jon to the Zoo.


  • Bake two pies (not pumpkin).

  • Make Pho. (We had some insanely delicious Pho, so i’m going to count that since we won’t have the chance to boil bone broth for two days ourselves.)

  • Make Halloween themed churros.

  • Bake cookies to take to work.

  • Make S'Mores.

  • Make a "Sarah" soup.*

  • Make Chili.

  • Make Halloween party treats.

  • Make a new Thanksgiving food.**

  • Make mulled wine.

  • Make a festive trail mix.


  • You've Got Mail

  • When Harry Met Sally

  • Sleepless in Seattle

  • Julie and Julia

  • Dan in Real Life

  • Garden State

  • Mona Lisa Smile

  • The Dead Poet's Society

  • Good Will Hunting

  • Chocolat with chocolate of course.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas with festive Halloween trail mix because why not?

  • The Corpse Bride

  • The Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • Coraline

  • Hocus Pocus

  • The original Addam's Family

  • The Munsters

  • Harry Potter (any or all of them) with Butterbeer


  • Sit by the fire with boozy drinks and roast marshmallows.

  • Have a Halloween party.

  • Canoe in Lake Guntersville.

  • See a drive-in-movie.

  • Go home and enjoy mom's beef stew.

  • Carve pumpkins. - Decided to leave my pumpkins in tact this year!

  • Eat a caramel apple.

  • Send five handwritten letters.

  • Go to Christmas Village on Halloween morning.

  • Make new turkey shirts for Thanksgiving. - There was no time for this, but my mom did dig out her very first turkey shirt with all of our baby handprints.

  • Have a Friendsgiving.

  • Take Christmas card picture and work on updating the Holiday playlists.


*Trey and I have different taste in soups. He likes his with noodles and I like mine noodle-free but hearty af. 

**This was on my list last year too, and I did it. Except, I made a seven layer salmon dip and it was the smelliest, most extravagant and high maintenance dip in the world. Also, no one ate much of it because it was seriously rank. 

2017 Christmas Season List

It's time. It's time. It's time.

  • Watch Christmas movies:
    •  Elf.
    • Miracle on 34th Street (original).
    • Miracle on 34th Street (remake).
    • White Christmas.
    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original).
    • Christmas Vacation.
    • The Grinch.
    • The Holiday.
    • Love Actually.
    • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer etc.
    • A Christmas Story.
    • Home Alone 1 & 2.
    • It's A Wonderful Life.
    • Polar Express.
    • Mr. Krueger's Christmas.
    • A Christmas Memory (1966 Truman Capote).
    • A Christmas Carol.
    • The Santa Clause.
    • A Charlie Brown Christmas.
    • Holiday Inn. Thoughts after watching: HOLY COW SO RACIALLY INSENSITIVE.
    • The Shop Around The Corner.
    • Scrooge.
    • The Family Stone.
  • Dress up and go see The Nutcracker.
  • Go iceskating in Railroad Park.
  • Bake Christmas cookies and decorate them.
  • Bake Gingerbread cookies.
  • Make a list of Christmas goodies to bake for Christmas Day.
  • Have the cousins come stay for a few days and do all the Christmas things.
  • Make a wreath.
  • String garland up around the apartment.
  • Fill a stocking for James.
  • Fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, or get a Christmas Angel.
  • Have friends over for Christmas movies, drinks, games, and treats.
  • Dress up and attend a Christmas party.
  • Go antiquing for Christmas decor.
  • Buy annual ornament.
  • Buy annual Christmas book.
  • Frame Christmas art and vintage Christmas cards.
  • Decorate a Christmas tree.
  • Have a Snow Day!
  • Take a drive to see Christmas lights.
  • Make an ornament.
  • Send Christmas cards.
  • Make a holiday playlist.
  • Eat peppermint ice-cream.
  • Visit a Christmas tree farm.
  • Learn something new about a December holiday that I'm unfamiliar with.
  • Hang a wreath on the front door.
  • See a Christmas movie at the Alabama Theater, then get dessert and coffee.
  • Take a "family" picture with James.
  • Make our annual anniversary video.
  • Have Trey's cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.
  • Go for a winter walk or hike.
  • Kiss Trey under mistletoe.
  • Make mom's hot chocolate.
  • Read Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.
  • Color Christmas pictures with Virginia.
  • Leave goodies for the mailman in the mailbox.
  • Have a cozy, do next-to-nothing day by the Christmas tree.

See my autumn list, and notice how I didn't get it all done.

Songs for Christmas Cheer

I have vivid memories of listening to my mom's old cassette tapes when we would pull out the Christmas decorations. They were recordings of scratchy, vinyl Christmas records, which made it even more special. I remember how it felt ritualistic to bring them out every year, and we always put them in a safe place so that we would be able to find them. They were the classics, nothing new and fancy. I remember "Nuttin' for Christmas", the 1955 version with six year old Barry Gordon was always my top favorite. But, I loved the songs like "Patapan", "Good King Wenceslas", and "I Saw Three Ships" because they were nothing like anything I had heard anywhere else, any other time of year. To this day, those are all some of my favorite Christmas carols, but my list has gotten much, much longer.

I decided to create a few playlists that I know are going to be perfect for this holiday season. I'm carefully curating them based on different activities, because this time of year, nothing tangles my tinsel more than trying to screw a Christmas tree base into the trunk of a Christmas tree (and keep it straight) while having a song playing in the background that makes the situation even more frustrating than it already is. Because let's face it, that's always the worst part of putting the tree up. Just imagine "Jing-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling" by the Andrews Sisters playing while you do that. Nope. I think even a merry old gal like me would pick that 6ft. tree up, throw it over my shoulder, and toss that ish straight out the window. My point is that curated playlists are important this time of year, and so here we go. This is the first of several. Some songs may show up on more than just one list, because "Marshmallow World" is a perfect song for wrapping presents when it is sung by Dean Martin, but when it is sung by Darlene Love, it is perfect for a kitchen dance party while the smell of gingerbread fills the air.

Songs for Christmas Cheer:

Listen to this playlist when you need a dose of the Christmas classics to get you in the spirit of the season. When I listen to this, I imagine myself in a high-waisted midi-skirt, with a lightweight turtleneck tucked into it, a thick belt, red lipstick and my bangs bangin', nothing but nylon on my feet since I just slipped off my heels. I'd have just finished a full day of being out in the chilly air, buying Christmas gifts and evergreen wreaths, so I'd listen to this as I sipped a winter cocktail and decorated my home with the treats I found in town. My husband would be sipping his cocktail, alternating between playing with our floppy-eared, shaggy pup, and holding tacks for me while I stood on a chair to reach just the right spot to hang the garland, and he'd give me a twirl anytime I dashed by.


"I'm gonna tick, tick, tickle him on the tummy because he laughs so funny. He's so jolly and so fine when he comes around on Christmas time."  -  Brenda Lee

My Autumn 2017 List

I was inspired by Kelle Hampton and her summer 2017 list. I loved seeing her and her family scratch things off of their list of to-do's, knowing that they squeezed every bit of life out of the summer season. Some of the to-do's on her list were: epic lemonade stand, drink from a coconut, go to the movies on a rainy day, twirl in a sundress, buy corn from a midwest farm stand, have a water balloon fight, family night swim party, and so much more. So, seeing that her list ranged from big to teeny tiny small. Mine does too.

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Carve pumpkins.
  3. Bake cupcakes with Jena.
  4. Bake cookies for work.
  5. Bake sweet potato bread.
  6. Bake whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies.
  7. Hike the arboretum with Jena.
  8. Drink hot apple cider on the Weichman's front porch.
  9. See a drive-in movie.
  10. See Abbey get married.
  11. Go to McGee farms in Florence.
  12. Learn how to make Papa's biscuits.
  13. Have mom's beef stew.
  14. Spend the weekend at the Weichman's and wake up early for a scenic drive.
  15. Take Jon to the zoo.
  16. Eat a caramel apple.
  17. Make new turkey shirts for Thanksgiving.
  18. Watch Coraline.
  19. Watch The Addam's Family (the original).
  20. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  21. Watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.
  22. Watch Frankenweenie.
  23. Watch The Corpse Bride.
  24. Have a Harry Potter marathon day.
  25. Watch You've Got Mail.
  26. Go on a hike with Trey.
  27. Buy a new autumn nail polish shade.
  28. Have waffles at The Pantry.
  29. Work in Papa's yard.
  30. Watch the sunrise somewhere.
  31. Watch the sunset somewhere.
  32. Go apple picking.
  33. Spend a day antique shopping.
  34. Go for a drive.
  35. Go on an early morning walk.
  36. Take Christmas card photo.
  37. Collect "pinecorns" with Jon.
  38. Bake a "Friendsgiving".
  39. Do SOMETHING on Halloween.
  40. Buy a new pair of super cozy socks.
  41. Go on at least six drives just to see the changing leaves.
  42. Go to a football game.
  43. Have a game night with Dad, Lisa, and Andy.
  44. Have the cousins over for a weekend.
  45. Make chili.
  46. Buy a new candle.
  47. Make a Thanksgiving food that's new.
  48. Bake a pie other than pumpkin and apple.
  49. Bake an apple pie.
  50. Have Trey make his cinnamon rolls.
  51. Have a bonfire or campfire.
  52. Roast marshmallows.
  53. Find that perfect table that I've been looking for.
  54. Spend a day watching football with Trey.
  55. Go to Florence's Renaissance Faire.
  56. Show the cousins how to play train and Phase 10.
  57. Get that new HP book.
  58. Get outside and use my camera.
  59. Get an autumny latte.
  60. Feast and Forest's fall treats.
  61. Have a scary movie night with friends.
  62. Hike in a Natl. Forest.

I'll be checking things off through November. But, I know that in November, I'll make a winter to-do list and it'll be twice as long. These are the things that I live for.

P.S. I've already been scouring the internet for Christmas decor. I love me.