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It’s strange how much has changed over the last six months. Most of the changes aren’t visible, aside from a few home improvement jobs here and there. But when I think about where I was mentally in February compared to where I am now…it’s shocking and delightful.

After five years at the same company, I’m leaving! I’ve learned everything that I could from the opportunities that I’ve been given, and I’ve met so many incredible women, and have loved teaching them and watching them grow as people. I’ve made some of my most special friendships through this job, and i’m proud of the last five years. But, bring on the 8-5, normal American work week. Bring it on. I’m hungry for it and ready for it and ecstatic for what’s to come.

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Feeling particularly ready for spring this year, and feeling inspired by all the home decor.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” - Laura Ingalls Wilder

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I am aching to go to the beach. Living in Florida flipped a switch in me and I have since found a love for summer. I love gathering up the necessities to spend time outside in the sun: a blanket, sunscreen, light and tasty snacks, a good book, sunglasses, a nice hat, etc.. I love the feeling of laying beside the ocean, listening to the surf and the seagulls, knowing that I have a shady beach umbrella behind me that I can retreat to. I live for summer stripes and woven baskets, I love fighting ocean waves, and I love love love yacht rock and the way it sets the tone for some serious summer fun. Give me all the Jimmy Buffett and those happy songs like Brandy by Looking Glass, PLEASE! 

SO, here I am. In the center of AL with no central AC, wishing that I could spend my days out in the sun, skipping along the sandy sea shore...but with no plans to do so in sight. So, I'll just keep daydreaming about it, and planning it all out so that when the opportunity comes, I can jump at it with my beach bag packed and ready to go.


"Brandy, you're a fine girl. (You're a fine girl) What a good wife you would be. (Such a fine girl) But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea."

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Out with the old, in with the new.

I’ve been spending all of my “downtime” sorting, selling, donating, and throwing away. We had a day recently where Trey and I rearranged our living room because it was feeling too “meh”. Granted, this new furniture composition has opened my eyes to so many things that our home is missing, which will be an ongoing project. BUT, I’m just feeling tired of the NOW.

I’m tired of spending far too long looking at my closet, trying to decide what to wear, knowing that I’ll end up wearing one of the button-downs that I wear every other day. I’m tired of digging through drawers of socks to find one of the ones that won’t show over my sneakers. I’m tired of looking around and thinking, “Gosh, we have a lot of stuff.”

I want to be able to move from here, with less than half of what we came with. I want to be real with myself about what I love, what I want, and how I treat my body. I want to stop eating luscious, pillowy HERO Donuts, just because my husband is addicted to them. I want to cool it on the red meats a bit. I want to add more color to my diet, and more activity to my day. I’m not being too hard on myself with all of this, though. Grief knocked all momentum out of me, life happened, work drained me, and then it was so.damn.cold. BUT. Sunny days are like a healing balm for me, and the temperature is warming up just enough so that breathing in deeply doesn’t feel like pins sticking my lungs.

So, I’m ready now. With this change, and this step forward, I’ll be evolving this blog. I’m tired of looking at it, frustrated that I can never make it look like I want it to. SO, I’m enlisting the talent of a friend, switching to a new platform, and we are going to work to transition this space into one that I’m happy with, and proud of.

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So, it’s November, and I may have over committed when I made my autumn list of to-do’s. I think I forgot that there are only 31 days in October, and that when November 1st rolls around, I’m in full on Christmas mode. Maybe I didn’t forget. Maybe I thought that I honestly could take a trip to my favorite pumpkin patch near Birmingham, and my other favorite near Florence, and also take a trip to Georgia to pick apples, and also carve these  pumpkins, while taking a trip to Huntsville for my girl to get married, while also having a Halloween party, while also taking trips to the best antique stores, and then also working 40 hours a week. I’m not sure what happened. But, the fact of the matter is, I won’t be able to knock everything off of that list. I’ll make my winter list in the next couple of weeks, but until then, I’ll keep checkin’ things off the autumn one. ENOUGH ABOUT MY FAILURES. MOVING ON.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I wish that I was home celebrating her because she truly deserves all of the celebration in the world. Today is also my in-laws’ anniversary! My younger brother’s 21st birthday is in seventeen days. Christmas is in… *not counting it because the I will think I’m late to the party and I can’t feel that way*.

Yesterday, I felt thankful that my sister in law lives so close to us where she can just come over and watch Stranger Things while she does homework.

Today, I’m grateful for a month that encourages gratitude (even if it does get mixed up with major money spending days that are confusing).

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I have been thinking that it’s Monday all  morning, so we are off to a bumpy start. But, this is a huge week. Abbey gets married on Saturday! I’ll be traveling up to northern Alabama this weekend to spend time with her as we finish up wedding projects, and I am so excited.

I have one week from today to gather all of the pieces for my Halloween costume, and I still need to send out the e-vites.

I have to get my home 100% ready for the Halloween party, because we will be coming back from the wedding on the day of the party, and running straight into the kitchen to make goodies.

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to scratch everything off of my autumn list, BECAUSE ONCE NOVEMBER STARTS, I’M A HOLLY JOLLY MONSTER. SO. I’ll move some things from the autumn list to my winter list, and all will be right in my world.

Happy Sunday!