Home Checklist


  1. Paint the knotty-pine walls in the bedroom.

  2. Replace the bedroom carpet with hardwood flooring.

  3. Paint bedroom furniture.

  4. Replace bedroom furniture hardware.

  5. Buy a kingsize bed.

  6. Organize closet and replace clothes hangers with more sturdy, more space efficient clothes hangers.

  7. Style the built-in shelves in the bedroom.


  1. Remove the backsplash and replace it with subway tile.

  2. Replace light fixtures over island bar with new fixtures.

  3. Replace light fixture over sink. I thought about keeping this one, but I just realized that we never even use it. So…probably should replace it when one we may use or remove it entirely?

  4. Replace cabinet hardware.

  5. Organize kitchen cabinets to better utilize space.

  6. Figure out what to do about the knotty-pine walls in the kitchen.


  1. Paint the brick living room fireplace?

  2. Mount TV?

  3. Organize/style bookshelves.

  4. Gallery?

  5. Replace leather couch with armchair?

  6. Pick a rug for the living room?

  7. Cover the pillows.


  1. Decide on a storage solution.

  2. Find a cozy seating solution.

  3. Get blinds.

  4. Organize closet and utilize the space efficiently.

  5. Decide on lighting.

  6. Replace the door with a french door to let light carry through to the living room.

Guest Bedroom:

  1. Get a bed.

  2. Find a bedside table/lamp.

  3. Organize the linen closet and make sure that all bedding sets are complete.

  4. Ensure that the guest bedroom functions properly for guests to have everything that they may need.

  5. Get blinds.

  6. Put outlet covers and switch covers back on.

Guest Bathroom:

  1. Paint the walls.

  2. Remove the frame from the mirror.

  3. Paint the cabinet.

  4. Stock the drawers with essentials.

  5. Shelves.

Master Bathroom:

  1. Replace the bathtub.

  2. Paint or wallpaper?

  3. Connect the master bedroom and the master bathroom?

  4. Decide on a hidden solution for James’s litter box.

  5. Organize the cabinets and drawers.


  1. Put up a privacy fence.

  2. Decide on patio furniture/storage.

  3. Decide on lighting.

  4. Build plan for garden.

Mood Board

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Feeling particularly ready for spring this year, and feeling inspired by all the home decor.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” - Laura Ingalls Wilder



So much has happened in the last month, and when I think about the last six months…I’m stunned. And when I think about the last year…it seems like three years in one. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to us from us.

We haven’t even been in our house for a month…but I love it. I love everything about it, and I feel like an overprotective mother about it. There are several large updates that we plan to make, and some minor tweaks here and there…but we are taking it little by little and prioritizing as needed. But…it feels so good and so foreign and so perfect.

2018 held seriously high highs, like new puppies and visits with family, beautiful peach trees in community gardens, quick trips to nearby favorite places, and celebrating friends left and right. It then brought some of the lowest of lows. But through all of the lowest points, we were shown patience and understanding by our families and we are better because of those low points.

2019 is off to a fine start, and I have big plans for it.

Life Lately

  • Christmas Day came and went, but our home is holding onto Christmas until January 25th. We aren’t exactly sure what we will do that day, or if we will both be working. But, we are going to extend the merriment through another month and then we’ll move on to Valentine’s Day. We learned a lot of lessons this season. Like:
    • Move up Halloween. I love it, but not as much as I love Christmas, and it’s impossible to cram all of Christmas into two months (since I start in November).
    • Start Christmas shopping loooong before December first. That way, you’re not somehow finding yourself at Target and GameStop on Christmas Eve.
    • If you’re a planner, make the plans. Even if your families aren’t great at making plans or communicating, do it anyway. Be the annoying family member that makes everyone plan it out. That way, you won’t be scrambling around the week before wondering who is bring what, to where, and when.
    • Think it through. We are already trying to strategically think about how we should do 2018’s Christmas, since his family is all about early Christmas morning festivities, and it’s less important to my family to have an actual Christmas morning. So, maybe next year we will flip the order around so that we can have the best time with everyone, and not feel rushed.
    • Don’t plan to make a wild recipe for the very first time on Christmas, because it might be awful, and then you’ve wasted that valuable time that you could have been making something else.  I found a 7 Layer Salmon Dip recipe on Bon Appetit, and it looked beautiful and sounded amazing. But, it was a little much.  And by a little, I mean that it had horseradish, capers, red onion, cream cheese, two pounds of salmon, radishes, and green onions. It was…powerful, and we all would have rather just had the salmon.
    • Relax. It’s Christmas.
  • We’ve been checking things off of my list, and there’s a few that I imagine we just won’t be able to get to. But, hopefully next year we won’t find ourselves in a hospital at any point, and we will both be in positions where we will be able to get more out of the season since we won’t be as exhausted. 
  • I made Christmas cards, but never sent them. Oh, that’s another lesson. Make Christmas cards in September, and have the envelopes addressed and ready to go so that all I have to do is just write a message.
  • We are getting a puppy this week! His name is going to be George, like George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life, and George Weasley, and George, like the dog my grandparents used to have. We hope that he gets along with James, because this puppy is amazing and he belongs in our family.
  • I had a very Julia Child Christmas. I have books to read about her, and videos of her cooking show! I’m finding myself more and more excited for sunny, spring days where I can bake fruity pies with my new Four and Twenty Blackbirds cookbook. And I’m excited for the stormy, spring days where I can curl up with George and James, while listening to Julia laughing to herself in her kitchen.
  • I received a vintage sewing machine that is set in a beautiful table. Now I just have to learn how to sew.
  • Trey and I went to a local church’s candlelight Christmas service with his family, and I found myself crying my way through Christmas carols. It’s been a hard, hard year. We moved back to Alabama, we worked hard in our jobs and we worked hard towards our goals. We had friends get married, and friends get pregnant. My grandfather passed away. Trey was in the hospital, and is still recovering. We’re stronger than we’ve ever been, but it has been a very hard year. We have high hopes for 2018.
  • We are quietly brainstorming ideas for our new year’s resolutions, and I’m sure I’ll share those here soon.
  • James is asleep next to me while It’s A Wonderful Life plays in the background. I have work in a couple of hours, but all I want to do is sit right here, under a mountain of blankets, with a cup of hot chocolate and my new books.

Double double toil and trouble...

I've always wanted to throw a Halloween party. Always always always. My mom and I would dream them up all the time when I was growing up, but we never actually had them because life always gets in the way. But, this year, my friend Dianne and I hosted one and my dream came true.

We were coming down off of a very busy weekend of celebrating, so we were running on fumes, but it all fell into place. Dianne and her husband Pierce came swooping in, putting the finishing touches here and there. Pierce was a fantastic cohost, and a hilarious Eleven. Dianne, the best Barb ever, took pictures of everyone and made a fantaaaaaaastic taco dip. Luke came as a nerd, or a preacher, and kept snapping his suspenders all night. His wife, Autumn came as a cat, in her nurse uniform. They made corn dip and I'm still thinking about it. Trey whipped up these S'mores brownies, and it just now occurred to me that everyone was telling ME how wonderful they were all night, and I took full credit without thinking. *exhausted brains do weird things* Jerika came in full armor and her girlfriend joined her! Cal and his wife came as a wolf and a deer, and I just have to say that I love all of Trey's friends. Trey's sister came in with a plaid shirt, painted Stranger Things-y, and her hair wild and messy. My friend Xanna came as Sandy from Grease, but her cigarette broke immediately, so she was really just Xanna. Oh, and Trey and I were farmers. It was so much fun, and I can't wait for Friendsgiving.


Morning after candle drips make me swoon.

Image 3-26-18 at 1.01 PM.jpg

Halloween is tomorrow and I think that I will be spend the entire day taking naps, watching movies, and drinking leftover boozy cider.

Happy Halloween, ya spooks!

Life Lately


October is here! My coffee table has been dressed for it since the later days of September, and I'm an unstoppable holiday force that almost bought dreamy Christmas ornaments at World Market the other day. Someone reel me in. But, don't, because your attempts will fail and I'll put a wall between us and cover it in tinsel and garland.

BUT, OCTOBER IS HERE. My October coffee table has some gems that I've collected over the years, and I love to haul them out every October. The Poems Bewitched and Haunted pocket poet book is a special collection of Halloweeny tales, and every book of the Everyman's Library is fantastic. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton is one of my favorite treasures. It's just a sweet, little book filled with short stories and poems by Burton. It was gifted to me years ago, and I love it and want to buy one for every Tim Burton fan that I know. Amphigorey is a compilation of Edward Gorey's poems, stories, limericks, etc. I love his scratchy drawings, and twisted tales, and this book was gifted to me by my older brother who knows me so well. The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton stays in this spot from now until January. My brother also gave me The Art of Tim Burton, which holds the artwork behind Tim Burton's movies, and little drawings that never made their way out into the public, in any form other than this book. Then, Mostly Ghostly by Zorn and Bradley is just a little something that I picked up from a thrift store in college.


Welcome, October. I'll love on you so much this year that even my cat will feel it.